Bundaberg Stories

Nugent Wade Brown named the area 'Borolin' (now Barolin) and described it as "the most beautiful place in the world". It stretched from Burnett Heads in the north to Elliott Heads in the south and became a great cattle stud.
By Bundaberg Regional Council
The railway line from Bundaberg to Mt Perry opened in 1884. It necessitated the construction of the Boolboonda Tunnel - the longest (192m) unsupported railway tunnel in Queensland. The railway line closed in 1960 but the tunnel remains and is a habitat for bent-wing bats.
By Bundaberg Regional Council
Bert Hinkler made his first successful flight aged 19 on Mon Repos beach, Bundaberg. He went on to a great career in aviation, including becoming the first person to fly solo from England to Australia.
By Bundaberg Regional Council
Many South Sea Islanders were brought to Queensland from their homes in the late 1800s to work on farms. In the course of clearing the land they built stone walls. This particular stone wall, built around 1884, is heritage listed and runs for over 1.5km. Descendant Matt Nagus describes what life was like for the South Sea Islanders brought to the Bundaberg region.
By Bundaberg Regional Council
A look at the origins of the Chinese community in Bundaberg.
By Bundaberg Regional Libraries