The importance of clay and pottery in our lives

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Jess has been working with pottery for over 35 years and Carmen for 23 years. They describe how they first found their way into pottery, and how Jess became Carmen’s teacher. They describe their first pieces of pottery, tell stories of various other significant pieces they have made, and describe some of the techniques and processes they enjoy using in their pottery.

They share memories and experiences of: Wide Bay Burnett Potters conventions; workshops run over the years by Flying Arts; Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery exhibitions; CRUSH festival, and of their involvement with the Bundaberg Pottery Club, in particular, how Jess organized for the new club facility to be built. They briefly touch on some of the changes they have noticed in clay over time, and note that clay, and ceramics, are everywhere in people’s lives. They touch on some of the therapeutic, social and creative benefits they have enjoyed through clay and pottery.

They are committed to keeping the art of pottery alive and well in their community.

Story recorded: 5 November 2011, Bundaberg, Qld