An interview with Nathan about his volunteering work

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Nathan talks about how he began volunteering aged four with the Leukemia Foundation, raising $10,000 for the Foundation by the age of eight. He mentions some of the 11 community organisations he currently works with and talks about how he came to work with some of them. He talks of his interest in local and family history and of work he did researching historical buildings around Bundaberg.

Nathan is currently studying education. He tells why he began studying to be a teacher, and he and Nina discuss the importance they see of teaching in society. Nathan tells of working hard at high school to get into university as a way of repaying his grandparents, who brought him up. Nina and Nathan discuss their respective family heritage, and Nina shares some memories of World War 2 by way of explaining how she came to live in Bundaberg. Nathan also tells of coming to Bundaberg when he was two, from Alice Springs. Nathan and Nina end the conversation by reflecting on: their friendship; why they both volunteer; the differences between generations when it comes to volunteering, and the values they share related to both volunteering and teaching.

Story recorded: 7 November 2011, Bundaberg, Qld