3D Printing

Bundaberg Regional Libraries has two Flashforge Dreamer 3D printers available to print jobs submitted by library members. These machines have a build capacity of 220mm x 140mm x 150mm (X,Y,Z) and can print with ABS or PLA type Filament.

What to Print?

If you're not sure what to print, Thingiverse has a large catalogue of objects to help you get started.

How to Print?

1. Submit a 3D model (STL or OBJ) to a Bundaberg Regional Libraries branch for verification and suitability assessment.
2. One of our staff members will assess the print job and give you a price within five (5) business days.
3. If the cost is accepted, payment is due and must be received prior to the commencement of printing.
4. The object will be ready for collection after five (5) business days (subject to printer and staff availability).

You will receive your print 'as is' from the printer, which means you may need to break away some support material and clean up small imperfections.

See section 4.5 of the Library Operations Manual for detailed parameters and the 'Libraries' section of BRC Fees and Charges for pricing.

If you have a Google account you can complete the 3D Object Submission form and upload your object file.

Browse your computer and select an .stl or .obj file before clicking the upload button.