First 5 Forever

First 5 Forever will connect to families through public libraries and community agencies

What is First 5 Forever?

First 5 Forever is an initiative of the State Library of Queensland, and is a universal family literacy program aimed at supporting stronger language and literacy environments for young children from 0–5 years and their families. First 5 Forever will directly support parents and primary caregivers to be confident as the child’s first and most important teacher, and will provide parents with increased access to resources they need through public libraries.

Why is First 5 Forever important to Queensland?

The Australian Early Development Census data for 2012 shows that 26.2% of Queensland children are developmentally vulnerable or at risk on one or more developmental domains – including language and cognitive skills. Queensland ranks sixth behind the other states.

In Queensland approximately 36% of parents of 0–2-year-olds, and 52% of parents of 3–8-year-olds do not regularly read to their children 1, and current evidence suggests this role is not well understood by parents and caregivers of children aged 0–5 years in Australia.

(Source: http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/whats-on/programs/first-5-forever)

How will improved outcomes be achieved?

Engaging and partnering with families/primary caregivers and local organisations to provide consistent messages around emergent literacy and language - explore opportunities in our community

Children's services and activities: reflect on what we already do and explore new ways of improving access and quality - how we included language and emergent literacy into our current programs and messages directly to parents/primary caregivers

Community Messaging: How we communicate with the families we are already connected with; how to reach families outside the library and encourage parents/primary caregivers to be their child's first and best teacher - Outreach, parent messaging, innovative services

Contact us

For further information about First 5 Forever in the Bundaberg region please contact the Youth Services Librarian on 4130 4140 or email.

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